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Liikearkistoyhdistys – Finnish Business Archive Association (FBAA) was established 1960 as a professional organisation for records management and archiving in the private sector. Today it can be described a professional body in organisational information management. The organisational members of association are now private enterprises operating internationally and nationally, public sector operations that have a tight connection to the private sector like Finnish Customs, private archives and third sector associations as well as educational organisations. The individual members are information management professionals, who have interest in the co-operation and exchange of ideas and practices.

The association has activities in publishing and education as well as organising professional events for the members. The quarterly publication Faili is in a way the flagship of the FBAA and the only professional publication for the document and records management and archiving. Faili is published in Finnish but every now and then includes articles written in English.

The association has its own elementary level course for records management and archiving. In the continuous education, the association organises theme seminars and other events. Three day conference ”Liikearkistopäivät” has been recently organised as a biannual event.

Organisation is based on the constitution verified by the Finnish register administration. The association has one general meeting in a year: the members of the board are selected in this general meeting as well as the annual report and financial statements are discussed and approved. The members of the board hold their position for one year. This means that all of the board members will have their mandate terminated or re-issued at the time. The chairman and his/her deputy is also elected yearly.

In this voluntary organisation, there are a couple of part-time jobs: secretary, treasurer, web master and the editor of Faili. The board members are running currently four committees: education and training, publishing, communications and co-operation and member services. Committees are the primary method in recruiting new members to the administration.