Alison North ja Vivek Bhatt Liikearkistopäiville

Olemme saaneet Juhlavuoden Liikearkistopäiville kaksi kovan luokan kansainvälistä asiantuntijaa, Alison Northin ja Vivek Bhattin. Ohessa heidän lyhyet esittelynsä englannin kielellä:

Alison North is an international information governance consultant who has been in practice for more than 40 years. Alison started her information management life in the oil and gas industry in Scotland where she became the first woman to work on a North Sea oil platform. She owned her own company for 25 years selling it in 2011. Since then she has been acting as an expert witness for the CPUC in California in the San Bruno Pipeline Rupture and Fire Incident where eight people died in a gas explosion. This case has become the most high profile case involving records management. Alison is also an author having published two books on Managing Retention and Disposition and many papers. She is a Fellow of the Information and Records Management Society (IRMS-UK) and holds the IRMS Lifetime Achievement Award. She is currently on ARMA International’s Board of Directors (USA).

Vivek is a leading expert in Microsoft cloud, recognized as an early influencer together with Microsoft’ led information governance and records management journey. He has led several strategic Microsoft O365 and Azure cloud transitions for global enterprises across energy and utilities, financial services and UK public sector. An engineer by education and all-around geek, Vivek has led several engineering teams for global consultancies, expanding the horizon of technology-led solutions to make a positive impact on real business and human problems. An active advisor and thought leader, Vivek is a regular speaker at various global events, conferences, and contributor to cloud technology-based market assessments.